How it works

Home exchanging is where you swap your home with someone else’s home so that you'll both enjoy totally FREE vacation accommodation. By choosing a home exchange you can save over 75% on your vacation costs!

Since 1985 we have been helping arrange home exchange vacations. Not only does swapping homes allow you to enjoy free accommodation but it also gives so much more - it allows you to holiday like a local in your home from home.

How do I arrange a home swap vacation?

Add your home  Add your home swap offer

Make contact   Contact other members

Agree a swap      Use site's tools to finalise swap
Enjoy your trip! Save thousands on your vacation

If you have any questions please check out our FAQ’s section or do get contact.
You can also find useful home swap advice on our Home exchange travel blog.

Why choose a home swap?
  • Free Accommodation
    No more hotel bills, arrange a home swap and you can save thousands.
  • Travel like a local
    Really get to know the places you
    visit beyond the tourist trail.
  • Home from home comforts
    Enjoy all the comforts of staying in a real home.
  • Make new friends
    Make new friends from around the world.


 Have a question about exchanging
 homes? Check our home swap FAQs


Any questions?

If you have any questions about swapping homes please contact us at:
+44 (0) 20 7193 4903